Believe it or not, October is here and Christmas is just around the corner! In this month’s issue of Jensen’s Healthy Home News, find some great ideas for fun fall activities for you and your family. You’ll also find out about our October special offer and our recommendation to schedule your carpet cleaning now to get ahead of the holiday rush. Joel has some thoughts on how to avoid traffic lanes on your carpeting in “Q+A with Joel J.” There are other tips and fun facts and of course the Mega Trivia Question–this month the first six people who call with the correct answer will win a $15 gift certificate to Hilly Haven Golf Course & Restaurant. Click Jensen’s Healthy Home News to download the complete newsletter. Here are a few highlights:


Don't gamble with your carpet cleaning!

Don’t roll the dice on your chance for a holiday carpet cleaning!

Hello friends and clients. The holiday season is right around the corner and that means our schedule will be getting filled up…so please don’t wait until the last minute to try to schedule your carpet cleaning. After all…Why gamble with your carpets?

Your carpet is one of your home’s biggest investments, and it does NOT have to appear dirty to be getting worn out by soils and dirt. These soils get deep into the carpet and grind away at the fibers, making the appearance of worn out, tired and dingy traffic lanes. Your carpets need to be professionally cleaned every 6-12 months to prevent permanent damage. With all the guests that frequent your home in the holiday season don’t get caught with dirty carpets.

Don’t take a chance on missing out on this special offer…Call us out this month and here is what you will get…
• Clean, fresh, healthy carpet.
• One less thing on your checklist in November and December.
• $10.00 OFF your carpet cleaning.
• BONUS: Call us anytime before January 31, 2022 to touch up spots and spills for FREE. (A $99 value!)

So don’t hesitate to call us before October 31, 2021. In November and December we get a rush of calls from clients wanting their carpets looking beautiful for guests and parties. Because of this rush we just can’t fit everyone in. So beat the crowds and clean in October. Your carpets will be bright, clean and fluffy just in time for the holidays.


Joel Jensen

Avoiding wear patterns, or “Traffic Lanes”

Q: Hi Joel! We just installed new carpeting, because the old carpeting had paths that looked dirty. It would clean up well, but you could always see the paths. Is there a way to avoid wear patterns?
A: The main cause of these traffic lanes or wear patterns is the dirt or soiling in the carpeting (that you may not even see). When walked on over time it grinds the carpeting down and damages the fibers. Ways to avoid soiling are: always take your shoes off before stepping on the carpeting; put a rug down at the entry; and, place an outdoor rug in front of the door. I would not suggest putting rugs over carpeting because when you move the rug, the straight wear lines at the edge of the rug will be very noticeable. The best ways to avoid soiling are vacuming frequently and getting your carpet professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. Dirt is always going to find a way into the carpeting but these tips should help prevent wear patterns in your home.

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Carpet Cleaning

October Fun!

Can you believe it’s already October? The year 2021 seems to have flown by – we’re just a few weeks from Christmas! The problem is that October tends to fly by so quickly that, come November and December, we’ll have let it slip by without enjoying what it has to offer. Before the month is up and winter is fully here, why not do one or two fall activities with friends, your kids, your partner, or simply on your own? There are so many ways to delight in the season’s offering both big and small, near or far from home. Here are some fun things to do in October to take advantage of the beautiful weather, seasonal changes, gorgeous foliage, and calm before the holiday storm.

Check out fall foliage: Whether it’s at a park nearby or a drive into the country, look up the best places to see all the gorgeous fall foliage near you.

Go pumpkin picking: Head to a pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins for an October-themed doorstep or natural fall décor inside. If you’re going with kids, they’ll love being able to choose their favorite pumpkins and take them home to carve.

Go for a hike: There’s nothing like a good hike through nature
surrounded by cool, clean air and fall-touched trees.

Tour a haunted house: Love a good scare? Get some friends, find a haunted house nearby and have all kinds of fun. Other spooky options include going on a ghost tour or visiting an old cemetery at night.

Go to a Fall Festival: Go out for a day of hayrides, pumpkin picking, haunted houses, local food stalls, outdoor entertainment, and caramel apples.

There’s plenty more fun ahead for you in October!