May 9th is the day we celebrate mothers everywhere, and Jensen’s Healthy Home News has some interesting background about this holiday and how it’s celebrated around the world.  In the latest newsletter, you’ll also learn about May Day (May 1), get ideas for fun things to do in the area and some amazing websites to check out. You’ll also find Joel’s carpet cleaning tip (outdoor grill grease on light carpeting—yikes!), and the ever-popular Mega Trivia Question. This month’s prize to the first six people who answer the Mega Trivia Question correctly is a $15 gift certificate to Los Banditos. Click Jensen’s Healthy Home News to download the complete newsletter. Here are some newsletter highlights:


Joel Jensen

We spring clean – you save!

It’s that time of year again. Time when the “winter blahs” turn to thoughts of sunshine and the outdoors. Who wants to be stuck inside cleaning? Give us a call and let us do your “spring cleaning” for you! Getting your carpets cleaned will make your whole house feel fresher and cleaner. Plus, it will clean your indoor air! An offer to make your whole house look and feel clean while saving you money…for this month only! Just give us a call and we’ll show up at a time convenient for you and take care of everything from pre-vacuuming to the moving of the furniture. And, if you call (920) 393-4062 and request this special by May 31, 2021, you will receive $20 off your carpet cleaning and 33 percent off carpet protection. Look for the button on our home page: “click for MONTHLY SPECIAL.”



Joel Jensen

Flooring Q & A with Joel J
Q: During a family cookout, grease from the grill got on the patio and was promptly tracked onto our light-colored carpet. What now?
A: I salute all grillmasters! Try this: Acting quickly, gently blot up as much of the surface grease as possible with paper towels, careful not to press too hard. Sprinkle a liberal amount of absorbent baking soda or corn starch on the affected area. After 20 minutes carefully vacuum up all the powder. If the spot is still visible, continue with this method: Mix one cup of warm water with a few drops of mild liquid dish soap. Dip a clean white cloth in this solution and then put light pressure on the grease stain. Leave the solution on for five minutes. Using another clean white cloth, gently blot the stain. Repeat until the spot is no longer visible, then place paper towels over it. Hold them down with a heavy object and leave overnight to absorb any remaining liquid.


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