The March edition of Jensen’s Healthy Home News is packed with interesting tidbits, Irish Humor, fun facts, cleaning tips, amazing websites to visit, healthy talk, thanks for the referrals and kind words, and of course the Mega Trivia Question, which is available in the complete newsletter. This month’s prize to the first six people who answer the Mega Trivia Question correctly is a $15 gift certificate to Los Banditos. Click Jensen’s Healthy Home News to download the complete newsletter. Here are some newsletter highlights:


Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17) is the Irish feast day that celebrates Saint Patrick (386-461), the patron saint of Ireland…It is celebrated worldwide by the Irish and those of Irish descent (and increasingly by many of non-Irish descent. Parades take place throughout the world, including London, Paris, Rome, Munich, Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Copenhagen and throughout the Americas (including New London, Wisconsin). Download the March edition of Jensen’s Healthy Home News to learn more!


A reader inquires about cleaning up a smelly beer stain on carpeting. Here’s what Joel had to say: “Top ‘O the day—what a sad waste of Guinness! You’ll want to treat it right away, blotting up as much as you can with paper towels until no more liquid comes up. Then, mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 3 drops of dish soap with 2 cups of luke-warm water in a bowl or bucket (measurements are approximate). Dip an absorbent white cloth into the soapy solution, wringing out some of the liquid. Dab the area, working from the outside edges toward the center. Rinse the cloth frequently, dipping it back into the soapy water and wringing it out before another application. Air dry completely. For a large spot you may need a ceiling or portable fan to hasten drying. If an odor remains after drying, sprinkle the cleaned area with baking soda. Vacuum after 30 minutes or so to remove the powder. Repeat the baking soda treatment if needed….Remember, spots and stains can be tricky, and certain cleaners and techniques can cause permanent damage. Call Jensen’s anytime for a free quote if you’d like us to take a look.


Here’s some Irish humor to put a smile on your face this month!
How can you spot a jealous shamrock? (It will be green with envy.)
Why do leprechauns hate running? (They’d rather jig than jog.)
Why should you never iron a 4-leafed clover? (Because you should never press your luck.)
How did the leprechaun get to the moon? (In a sham-rocket.)
What kind of spells do leprechauns use? (Lucky Charms.)
How can you tell if a leprechaun likes your joke? (He’s “Dublin over” with laughter!)