Happy New Year! In the leadoff 2024 issue of Jensen’s Healthy Home News, get some interesting New Year’s Day trivia and also find out why January is a great month to clean your carpets. The new newsletter also has some great ideas for better health in the new year, noteworthy January sports birthdays, January fun facts and Joel’s tip for getting crepe paper dye stains out of carpeting. As usual, we have the Mega Trivia Questions—the first six people who call with the correct answer will win a $15 gift certificate to the Village Grille. Click Jensen’s Healthy Home News, to download the complete newsletter. Here are some highlights:


Don't gamble with your carpet cleaning!
  • King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber was opened by Howard Carter on Feb. 16th, 1923 ~ the clearance and record taking of the tomb lasted until 1932.
  • The Warner Brothers established their film studio company in April of 1923. The brothers Albert, Samuel, Jack, and Harry got a loan from banker Motley Flint, and the studio was purchased on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California and formally incorporated.
  • The very first issue of Time Magazine was published in March of 1923. Developed by journalists Henry Luce and Briton Hadden, Time was the first news magazine published every week in the US. The first issue featured former US Speaker of the House Joseph G. Cannon on the cover and contained a variety of short articles. It gained a large circulation and became one of the most influential and popular news periodicals of the 20th century.


Joel Jensen

Are you ready to stop time in it’s tracks…At least on your carpeting?

Can you believe it’s 2024 already? Wow! We’re sure we don’t have to tell you how fast “Father Time” is marching by. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2023 now it’s a thing of the past.
Speaking of time marching on…How long has it really been since you called us?

Maybe it seems like we were just out at your house “yesterday” but think about it. Has it been three months? Six months? A year? Two years? Yikes!

Don’t let your carpets suffer from neglect just because time marches by so quickly. Think about all the “marching by” you and your family (and maybe the pets) have been doing since our last visit. All that foot traffic brings in carpet damaging dirt, dander, pollens, molds and more. And then there is the dust mite population that’s been growing, you need to have us clean out. Yes! It’s time to clean it all out and restore your carpets to their beautiful, shining glory. Besides, did you know that January is one of the best months to clean your carpets?

Every year we have to try and turn around the “slow season” that inevitably comes right after the New Year begins. But that’s what makes January the best time to clean. Because we’re trying so hard to keep busy, you get our deepest discounts of the year! Plus, you have your choice of the schedule. Don’t worry, your carpets will dry just as quickly in the winter because we use high-powered fans to speed the drying process. And, we’ll make a special effort to keep the cold air out of your home while it’s being cleaned.

Plus, think about how much time you spend inside in the winter – shouldn’t you be lounging around on clean carpets? Shouldn’t you be breathing clean indoor air?

Don’t let another minute pass by without taking care of one of your home’s most valuable investments, or before you know it more time will march by and your carpets will be in sorry shape. Just grab your phone right now and call us at 920-393-4062 or contact us by e-mail info@JensensCarepetCare.com.


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Noteworthy January sports birthdays

Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan (1-31-47): a former pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for 27 years and still holds many major league pitching records, some of which are so far beyond previous marks that they are likely to stand for years and generations of pitchers to come. He was most noted for his blazing fastball and his longevity, routinely throwing pitches exceeding 100 mph, even into his forties. The media tagged him with the nickname “The Ryan Express.”

Golfer Jack Nicklaus (1-21-40): also known as “The Golden Bear,” was a major force in professional golf from the 1960s to the late 1990s, and is regarded as the greatest golfer of all time. Together with Arnold Palmer, he is credited with turning golf into the major spectator sport it has become. While Palmer brought golf into the TV era, it was the developing Nicklaus-Palmer rivalry that drove subsequent interest.

Former Heavyweight Champ Muhammad Ali (1-17-42): He is considered to be one of the world’s greatest heavyweight boxers, as well as one of the world’s most famous individuals, renowned the world over for his boxing and political activism. In 1999, he was crowned Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated.

Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Hull (1-3-39): is regarded as one of the greatest ice hockey players and perhaps the greatest left winger to ever play the game. He played his minor hockey in Belleville and then junior hockey for the St. Catharines Black Hawks in the Ontario Hockey Association. Bobby Hull was famous for the speed and accuracy of his 120 mph slapshot, that many others would soon try to imitate. Hull was able to have such a fast slapshot because he and his teammate Stan Mikita were the first NHL players to curve the blades of their sticks. The curved blade allows the shooter to remain in contact with the puck for a longer period of time and increase the force behind the shot.