No matter how far off it is, it’s always a good idea to plan for your retirement. The cover story in the August issue of Jensen’s Healthy Home News highlights five of the worst ways to save for the end of your working career. Have you ever spilled soda on a light colored carpet? Joel has some advice on how to get that spot out in “Q+A with Joel J.” You’ll also discover the secret weapon that will make your carpet stand up to even the greasiest pizza. As always, the newsletter includes the Mega Trivia Question—the first six people who call with the correct answer will win a $15 gift certificate to Grapevine Café. Click Jensen’s Healthy Home News to download the complete newsletter. Here are some newsletter highlights:


June Fun Facts!

The five worst ways to save for retirement

Many of us should be ramping up our efforts to save for retirement. But not all methods of saving money are worth the cost. Here are five retirement saving strategies that could leave you worse off in retirement.

  • Neglecting your health. Never neglect your health in exchange for saving more money. If you aren’t healthy, there’s really no point in having a bunch of money. When you feel dizzy and tired all the time, watching a bank balance with a bunch of digits is not going to help at all. Consider what you are really sacrificing when you skip preventative care or eat unhealthy food to save a few dollars now.
  • Saving instead of paying off credit card debt. Whether you should save for retirement or pay off debt is an age-old question. But high-interest credit card debt should always be eliminated first. It doesn’t make sense to try earning a modest return while paying 20 percent a year or more of interest.
  • Saving in ways you can’t openly talk about. If you can’t comfortably talk about how you are saving money for your retirement, then it might not be worth the cost. It would be very difficult to live a comfortable retirement knowing you had to cheat others to obtain it.
  • Making today miserable. Saving for tomorrow involves learning and accepting the idea of delayed gratification. But while the future is important, you need to have some fun today too. Don’t forget about retirement, but also remember that you have a life to live. Money isn’t for hoarding.
  • Never giving. Practically everyone in our society can afford to give. If money is tight, we can probably afford to donate our time through volunteer work. Giving will bring you a lifetime of incredible memories, which is much more meaningful than a few extra numbers in a bank statement.



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Discover the secret weapon that will make your carpet stand up to even the greasiest pizza!

Most people we encounter want their carpets to last and look beautiful as long as possible. Then when drinks, food, dirt and oil spill or get tracked on your carpet…Stop them cold!

Our “Secret Weapon” will thoroughly coat each fiber of your carpet with a barrier you cannot see, feel or smell. This invisible coating will act as a protective shield against everyday spots and spills.

This protective barrier will help prevent spills and spots from turning into permanent stains, but it will also act as a soil and dirt repellent. As a result, your vacuuming will be more effective, and dirt and soils will not easily break down your carpet fibers. This means your carpet will withstand normal wear and tear much better, traffic lanes will not appear, and your carpet will look bright and beautiful for years longer.

This month, Jensen’s will let you try out one room of this amazing Scotchgard (TM) Carpet Protection absolutely free! (See our website home page for details.)


Carpet Cleaning

Roller Coaster Trivia!

To celebrate the invention of the Roller Coaster in August of 1898, here are some fun facts regarding the current roller coaster record-holders:

  • The longest steel coaster drop: 418 feet, Kingda Ka at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ.
  • The longest wooden coaster drop: 180 feet, Goliath, Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Il.
  • The tallest vertical loop: 160 feet, Full Throttle, Six Flags, Valencia, CA.
  • The fastest steel coaster: 149.1 miles per hour, Formula Rossa, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • The steepest steel coaster: 121 degrees, Takabisha, Flamingoland, Fuji-Q Highland Park, Japan.
  • The longest coaster: 8,133 feet, Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, Mei, Japan.