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About Owner Joel Jensen

Joel Jensen started his carpet cleaning and restoration business in Green Bay,WI in 1995. He is certified and experienced in carpet and textile cleaning, water damage restoration, carpet repair and restoration and fire and smoke restoration.

Members of the Apartment Association of Northeast Wisconsin

We have been active members of the Apartment Association of Northeast Wisconsin for more than 10 years, supporting and helping our fellow members with maintenance, safety, and cost containment.

Apartment Association of Northeast Wisconsin

About Jensen’s carpet cleaning procedures

Joel Jensen-Owner of Jensen's Carpet Care

Every carpet, every job is different. That’s why we begin every new relationship with an inspection of the area or item to be cleaned. During this process, we will look for potential problems and if found will promptly bring them to your attention. These problems could be manufacturing, specification, installation, or maintenance-related. Many times what you perceive as the soil could actually be shading, fading, and wear. We will do our best to offer a specific recommendation to you. We offer the best cleaning methods and options available today.

Before the cleaning process is started, every precaution is taken to protect your home. Walk-off mats and moving blankets are used to protect hard surfaces. Sofas and chairs will be carefully moved for an additional fee. Some items such as China Cabinets, Big Screen TVs, etc. are unable to be moved for safety reasons. Sofas and chairs and tables will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs.

Corner Guards are used for walls and furniture to protect them from being scratched or scuffed by our hoses.

We thoroughly vacuum carpeted areas being cleaned that are in need with our commercial HEPA powerhead vacuums. These vacuums include Hepa Filters ensuring the dust stays with us!

This is the application of specifically formulated surfactants to increase soil suspension, thus, minimizing moisture retention and allowing for better cleaning of the carpet. This is applied to general areas to be cleaned. Once we have decided on the proper solution for you, we apply that solution by pre-spraying it at 190 degrees with the hot solution line to start breaking up the dirt, bacteria, spots, and germs.

These three steps are done with our powerful rotary extraction machine. Instead of using the wand, which goes back and forth over the carpet with just the strength of the technician at about 40 cleaning passes per minute, we use the Amazing Rotovac 360i, with 3 spray jets matched with 3 vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multidirectional cleaning passes. This super agitation, combined with the unit’s weight, deeply cleans, extracts soil and the cleaning solution. The rotating head cleans all sides of the carpet fiber, fluffing up and restoring the pile. The result is a fast-drying; residue-free, deep-cleaned that brings the fibers back to life, looks great, and is sure to please everyone.

We hot water extract using our Truck Mount System. The carpet is rinsed with 190-200 degree hot water and simultaneously wet vacuumed, thus the term extraction. This method is the only method recommended by almost all carpet manufacturers and is universally recognized to be the most thorough cleaning you can do for your carpets.

Our final step involves you, our valued customer. We walk you through how the cleaning went and show you all that was accomplished during the cleaning, if there are any additional recommendations we might have for you, or if there were any complications during the cleaning we let you know. We believe in open communication and excellent customer service. We explain to you in terms you can understand how everything works and what we can offer to solve most any concerns you have. We invite you to review our service and be a part of supporting our local carpet cleaning business.

Door Guards offered per request.

Before we begin our cleaning, if the doorway is the proper size, we will place our “Door Guard” on the door that the hose comes through. It is a pillowy pad that covers the opening of the doorway from top to bottom, allowing our hoses into your home and keeping the cold air, hot air, bugs, and animals where they belong, winter or summer. This protects your environment and still allows us to run our hoses through the door.

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