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What Customers Are Saying

Satisfied Commercial Customers include:

Hilly Haven
Homestead Décor
Flower Rama
Brown Co. Golf Course
White dog/ Black cat
Macco’s Flooring Center
American Family Insurance

  (Dan Moore)
Grapevine Café

Lady Savannah
Stone Harbor Resort
Celebration Church
Bee’s Coffee & Vending
Village Grill
Carnivore Meats
Pizza Ranch
Bay Dental Associates

Read what our customers say about

the quality of our services:

Janet Bogart “I am shocked!!... the carpets look so awesome! They did a wonderful job! The old stains are gone – I did not think they could be removed. My carpet looks like brand new!! Very, very , very nice technicians! I had to call and let you know when the service is this great! I already handed out four business cards to my sisters and girlfriend. I’ll be back at work next week so I’ll let all the ladies know about you.”

Brian Godeck @ Toonen: emailed us saying “Thank you very much for handling this quickly! Our carpet looks much better and the 100 residents coming tonight will see that we work with professionals that REALLY care about providing the highest level of service possible. I enjoy working with you and will continue to in the future!”

Crystal Herald returned a Customer Satisfaction Survey with all positive responses and noted “Great customer service – at the entire company! I continue to use your services and recommend you all the time! I would just like to take the time to comment on how friendly your company is! Not too many people take the time for customer service anymore but your company really focuses on it and it shows! I will continue to use your company and I refer you at any chance I get. And the job is always above and beyond. THANKS!”

Sherry Engebose posted on our Facebook timeline “This is the place to go when you need professsional, reasonable and excellent, knowledgeable carpet cleaning and exceptional restoration! I've used them for 15+ years!!”

Angela Peters of Peters Development had positive words…She said a past resident was very impressed with the carpet cleaning by Jensen’s and made a point to let her know. She told him “that is why we write carpet cleaning by Jensen’s Carpet Care & Restoration into our lease agreements.”

Rita @ Gallina/River Park Apts. emailed Joel to say “Apartment #35 was vacated this morning and it was a mess! There stains everywhere & cat hair galore! I went in and swept all the hair from the baseboards and vacuumed. I really thought all those stains were never coming out! I went up there after Adam was done cleaning it and I have to say it is the most beautiful job! There isn`t a stain anywhere on that floor. I am very pleased.

Mike Bray said, “Everything with my home cleaning went very well and the outcome of the chairs that were cleaned at WI Drug Testing was unbelievable. Very happy with the results, as the majority of our customers do manual labor and are dirty when they come in for a test. Chairs look great!”

Mark Lindahl left a positive Angie’s List Review saying, “They cleaned a very dirty carpet. I had just bought the house and the carpet was filthy and very stained up. I took a chance on cleaning as the carpet was still solid with no rips and tears. They did a fantastic job. They came back to remove some re-emerging stains. The carpet is not perfect but is still serviceable with a lot of life left in it now. They were very professional and probably saved me thousands. I am normally a "Rug Doctor" kind of person. considering the ease on me and the quality of work Jensens did I will be calling them again.”

Mario Stagger (Owner Paapies Properties) said “They did a fabulous job! He got a two-year-old spot out from the residents before. I thought I’d have to replace the carpets and they turned out wonderful. I’m so happy! You are well worth it and I will use you for all my carpet cleaning now. Awesome work! And thank you for coming through for us on such short notice!”

Dawn Laurent left a very positive Angie’s List Review stating, “He cleaned a very filthy carpet especially the doorway entrance way. We had a puppy that wasn’t house broken so she really took a toll on the carpet. The carpet looked like new when Adam was finished and no more urine smell! Everyone is very, very friendly at Jensen’s Carpet Care!”

Amber Chibuk said “I’m very grateful for everything – the quality of work and professionalism. Everything looks great – the two guys were wonderful! They were so professional. The best carpet cleaners I ever had. An outstanding job! I’ll definitely recommend you to people. They went above and beyond and took their time with the cleaning. They also had great attitudes!”

Wanda Hansen said “I can’t tell you how wonderful they were – they even put our stuff on peg board and in drawers (after water situation in Lower Level). We’re so pleased with how everything was handled. You made a tragic situation bearable.”

Mary Ann Callahan said the carpet stretch “Went fine. It was great – it turned out beautiful. Adam did a terrific job and I appreciate it very much! We’ve always used you. We’re happy because if it didn’t turn out well, we would have had to replace the carpet and change is difficult for my (elderly) mother-in-law.”

Tracy Allen Posted a review on Facebook – giving us 5 stars and noted “Seriously the best people for the job! I had a company hired for end of month move out - they walked in and said “well I can't do it, my hose isn’t long enough and the stains are too bad”. Called a bunch of other well-known places with no luck and finally found Jensen's! They squeezed me in last minute and did a FANTASTIC job. My child spilled red soda in her room and the stain is completely gone after sitting for months! Highly recommend these guys! Oh and they are very reasonably priced compared to others too!”